The majority of the financial industry believe that up to 40% of OTC derivative transactions are un-collateralised

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Industry wide European research from SIX Securities Services today reveals the statistic that more than 8 in 10 (85%) financial institutions believe that up to 40% of all OTC derivative transactions are not collateralised. In fact, 14% would go as far as to say between 40 and 60% of these kinds of transactions are completely […]

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Brexit will accelerate evolution of Capital Markets Union (CMU)

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According to the latest survey conducted by SIX Securities Services, over half of organisations (53%) questioned believe plans for a Capital Markets Union (“CMU”) will speed up in the wake of Brexit.   The question as to whether euro-clearing will remain in London after Brexit has been at the centre of Brexit negotiations since the […]

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New research reveals gap between collateral managers and IT decision makers

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An industry wide European study from SIX Securities Services today revealed the differing opinions between IT decision makers and collateral experts on a range of key issues. This split is most evident when it comes to views on the availability of high-quality liquid assets (HQLA). The vast majority (83%) of collateral respondents think that there […]

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Research reveals real-time settlement is critical for collateral optimisation

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New research from SIX Securities Services reveals the importance of real-time settlement when it comes to choosing a new collateral management provider. Four in ten (40%) respondents report that their organisation has replaced or added a new collateral management provider in the last 18 months with a further 18% in the process of doing so. […]

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This week in Post-Trade – 25th August 2017

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The news we’re reading this week includes –   ISDA urges regulators to ease EU-CCP relocation – Global Custodian, 21st August   The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) has suggested that policy makers should implement a transitional period if clearing is to be relocated from the City of London after Brexit. In a recent […]

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