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Financial market and infrastructure – a 2016 retrospective

Written by nuxrbq5-sd0-pacific-austin

Stepping away from this year’s momentous political events (no-one mention the ‘B’ or the ‘T’ words…), we’ve seen several other trends dominate the capital markets arena in 2016, which are set to have continued implications from January and beyond. Here are a few which have caught our attention.   Collaboration, innovation and FinTech We have […]

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Making sense of due diligence

Written by document

If you want to spoil a sub-custodian’s day, start a conversation with them about due diligence questionnaires. Not only are they inconsistent in the information they ask for, sometimes including questions about legal contracts and service level agreements that would normally be dealt with in an RFP, but they seem to land on people’s desks […]

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The vicarious hangover

Written by brexit

  From my second-hand observations of the two events, deciding not to get married – while maybe stressful and disappointing to at least one party – is much less complicated and nerve-wracking than getting divorced. For that reason, comparisons between the UK’s relationship with the EU and Switzerland’s or Norway’s are spurious. Nor for all […]

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When the music’s over

Written by change image

I have reached that magic day when I move from industry veteran to eminence grise – in other words, retirement (although in my case I got the grise in early, trying to tackle some of our industry’s more intractable problems). Here are a few issues that I’m sure will keep my colleagues on their toes […]

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