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Tomas Kindler

Tomas Kindler is responsible for Strategy Implementation at SIX Securities Services. He is also Chairman of the Board as Oslo Clearing ASA. Tomas has extensive experience in the industry, having held previous roles as Director at Clearstream Banking as well as MD at LinkUp Markets

Recent Post: SIBOS Day 4: Forward Compatibility – ensuring fitness for the future

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Alexander Merriman

Alexander Merriman is the Head of Market Policy at SIX Securities Services. Prior to joining SIX Alex worked at the European Commission for 3 years, where he helped develop the regulatory framework as member of Basel Group on Interest Rate Risk. Alex was also previously a Senior Adviser at the Bank of England, where he was identifying, monitoring and reporting EU regulatory and institutional developments impacting on financial stability and UK financial sector competitiveness. Alex has also been a representative on the EU Banking Advisory Committee.

Recent Post: CSDR Reform -Securing the future

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Thomas Zeeb

CEO SIX Securities Services Thomas Zeeb joined SIX after a four-year spell working for Clearstream Banking in London and Luxembourg. As Executive Director of Client Relations, he was a member of the company's Executive Management and a member of the Board of Directors of Clearstream Banking Frankfurt. Placed in charge of sales, relationship management and client services, Thomas Zeeb was responsible for the development of the European and US businesses. A Canadian national, he previously held positions in companies such as the Bank of New York in London, Sim & Fed SpA in Florence and Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt. Over the course of his career, Thomas Zeeb has gained a wealth of experience in the post-trading sector.

Recent Post: Financial market and infrastructure – a 2016 retrospective

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Alec Nelson

Alec joined Rule Financial in June 2007 and is a specialist in securities finance, collateral and prime services. Alec gained banking and settlements experience at Royal Bank of Canada in the '80s, before moving to Morgan Stanley in 1987, where he stayed for nineteen years. Throughout his career Alec has worked on IT engagements in a number of areas including Settlements, Securities Lending, Prime Brokerage, and Treasury. His extensive experience of working closely with Front Office, Finance, Compliance and Operations departments has given Alec a deep understanding of the value that technology can bring to a business.

Recent Post: Clearing and Collateral – Distant cousins or close relatives?

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Robert Almanas

Robert Almanas is Head of International Services, SIX Securities Services, Zurich, Switzerland. He has over 25 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry and an extensive background in global securities administration and custody. He has been an active participant in industry issues which affect the international custody business including ISSA and the Association of Global Custodians, where he co-chaired the European Issues Committee.

Recent Post: When the music’s over

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Avi Ghosh

Avi Ghosh has been the Head of Marketing and Communications at SIX Securities Services since 2010. Avi has a wealth of experience in corporate communications having worked at both SWIFT and Idiom Design and Consulting Group. He holds a degree in Economics, Sociology and Statistics from the Elphinstone College in Bombay, with his skills lying in the communications, financial services and consulting fields.

Recent Post: This week in Post-Trade – 20th April 2018

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Christophe Lapaire

Christophe is the T2S Programme Director at SIX Group, with over 20 years’ experience spanning the operations, fund administration, global custody and post trade infrastructure fields. Prior to SIX, Christophe held roles at HSBC and the Swiss National Bank. Christophe also sits on the Swiss Finance Institute Advisory Board.

Recent Post: Eyes open on a new horizon

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Richard Schwartz

Richard is a financial journalist, specialising in market infrastructure and international relations. He writes for various publications, including Global Custodian, The Trade and Asset International.

Recent Post: The vicarious hangover

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Alan Cameron

Alan Cameron is Head of Relationship Management - International Banks and Brokers at BNP Paribas Securities Services. He is engaged with clients and other industry participants in discussions regarding clearing, settlement and custody with a particular focus on T2S.

Recent Post: Making sense of due diligence

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Chris Hall

Chris Hall is a freelance writer and editor with extensive experience in many areas of the wholesale financial markets. He is also currently the Consulting Editor of The Trade, and has previously served as Editor at Automated Trader and gtnews.

Recent Post: Mobilising collateral: up and running

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Nerin Demir

Nerin Demir is Head of SIX Repo Ltd & Securities Finance at SIX Securities Services. He has held this role since 2014, having worked at Leonteq Securities Ltd beforehand.

Recent Post: SIX Securities Services adds US Equity and Fixed Income securities on the CO:RE trading platform

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Roger Storm

Roger T Storm is the Deputy CEO, and Head of Risk Operations and Business Development at SIX x-clear AG.He has held a range of senior positions in international banking and financial market infrastructures in a career spanning over 27 years. Having worked for several years in countries such as Germany, France, UK, Japan and Scandinavia, Roger Storm is multilingual and fluent in English, Swedish, French and German..

Recent Post: Brussels to take back euro clearing?

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Valerio Roncone

Valerio Roncone, Head of Markets & Clients and Member of the Management Committee, SIX Securities Services, Zurich, Switzerland. Mr Roncone began his career with a brief stint at Bank Cantrade in 1988. A year later, he moved to Bank Julius Baer in Zurich where he stayed for the next 16 years. While at Julius Baer, Valerio Roncone held a number of positions within the back-office area of the bank. This included being responsible for derivatives products, as well as corporate actions before taking on the responsibility of Area Head for Securities for the bank. In 2007, Valerio Roncone joined EFG Financial Products as Managing Director and Head Operations. While at EFG Financial, Mr Roncone drove the development and implementation of new products and services until 2013 when, as Head Operational Services, he left the organization to later join SIX Securities Services as Head of Markets & Clients. Valerio Roncone is in charge of all relationship management, product management and sales activities for all of SIX Securities Services post-trade offerings.

Recent Post: Advanced Settlement – freeing banks to focus on their core business strategies

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