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Valerio Roncone, Head of Markets & Clients and Member of the Management Committee, SIX Securities Services, Zurich, Switzerland. Mr Roncone began his career with a brief stint at Bank Cantrade in 1988. A year later, he moved to Bank Julius Baer in Zurich where he stayed for the next 16 years. While at Julius Baer, Valerio Roncone held a number of positions within the back-office area of the bank. This included being responsible for derivatives products, as well as corporate actions before taking on the responsibility of Area Head for Securities for the bank. In 2007, Valerio Roncone joined EFG Financial Products as Managing Director and Head Operations. While at EFG Financial, Mr Roncone drove the development and implementation of new products and services until 2013 when, as Head Operational Services, he left the organization to later join SIX Securities Services as Head of Markets & Clients. Valerio Roncone is in charge of all relationship management, product management and sales activities for all of SIX Securities Services post-trade offerings.

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Advanced Settlement – freeing banks to focus on their core business strategies

Written by nuxrbq5-sd0-pacific-austin

The Swiss financial center is one of the most competitive financial centers in the world. Faced with increasing compliance costs, a range of legacy systems and heavily staffed commoditized services in their portfolios, Switzerland’s banks are confronting the challenge head on by examining what they can do to free up resources and ‘corporate bandwidth’ to […]

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